We specialize in native Wisconsin plants including submergents, marginals, and prairie species. Our plants are available in either seed, plug, pot, or bare root forms.

Our contact information:

Sales: sales@jjtransplant.com

J & J Transplant Aquatic Nursery, LLC
PO Box 227
Wild Rose, WI 54984-0227

Toll free: 800.622.5055


J & J Aquatic Nursery, LLC will deliver to your business for a charge of $1.25 per mile. Please call 800.622.5055 for availability on deliveries.

Bare root materials will be charged 10% of the total order for shipping. All weighted materials (plus, seed, muskgrass, elodea, water lillies) will be charged actual shipping charges.


+ Plants and seeds are shipped UPS Ground. + Potted plants must be picked up at our dock in Saxeville, Wisconsin + We request that all our plants, roots, and tubers shipped from July 1, through September 1, be shipped via Next Day Air transportation to insure that fresh materials arrive in good planting condition. + For material shipped other than UPS Ground, you will be billed the difference in shipping costs.


You may accept the package and ask for a damage inspection from UPS. THe damaged package must be saved and shown to a UPS representative. UPS will then contact our office. We ask that you also notify our office of unsatisfactory conditions, or quality, immmediately upon their receipt. No claims will be considered unless reported on the day of receipt of the materials.

Or you may refuse the package and it will be sent back to our office, and we will file a claim. We will then send an immediate replacement for the order.


J & J Transplant has encountered situations where contractors delay ordering the necessary materials until shortly before they are needed for planting, only to discover that the plants are not available in sufficient quantity on short notice. This lack of availability can, and has, resulted in unnecessary project delays, the possibility of delay penalties, and the certainty that retainage is held until the plant materials are available and planted.

To avoid this problem, J & J will accept orders for materials to be grown to specifications from 90 days prior to the planting, or up to 1 year or more in the future. This is the best way to assure that our customer get what they want, when they want it, and at the fairest cost we can provide.


We no longer carry pre-weighted materials. To reduce costs for you, the customer, we now supply biodegradable peat pots. For every five tubers or roots, we supply one pot at no charge. If more pots are required for individual plants, we carry 2"x2" peat pots at an additional cost of 6 cents each. Peat pots are recommended for the following species. Pondweeds, Water Celery, Water Lily tubers, and Duck Potato tubers.


We, at J & J Transplant, guarantee that all of our material is of the utmost quality, so you can be assured that you will receive only the finest quality aquatic plants, tubers, roots, and seed; thus producing satisfactory results when properly planted in conditions suitable for their growth. All of our stock is guaranteed to be true to species.

We harvest each order fresh from our wetland, prairie, woodlands, and greenhouses; and ship them directly to you, the customer. If, for any reason, our material does not produce satisfactory results after sufficient planting time (30 days), J & J Transplant will replace the order at half the retail price of the replacement material, plus the shipping cost. ONE REPLACEMENT ONLY. Or, you may choose an equal value of any other material listed in our catalog.


We have gift certificates available for any occasion, at your request. We will also include a copy of J & J's Catalog.